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Why is working from home so AWESOME?....continued

Working from home is always idealized. The truth is working from home is AWESOME for the "right" person. We all have different reasons as to why working from home would be AWESOME, but let's be is not always the best fit for everyone.

I hope you had the chance to see my initial blog on this subject "Why is working from home so AWESOME?" If not, please take the time to check that out. My name is Schunda Coleman, and I have been working from home successfully for over 11 years, and I LOVE it! Here are some more reasons for me;

6. Reduced Stress

Hey, we have all worked at a company and the boss is hovering over your back, or some co-worker is very difficult to deal with, well working from home can elevate some of this unnecessary stress from your life. From my personal experience, I've come to realize that remote working gives me a sense of stability that typically doesn't exist in a classic office setting. There's something to be said for controlling your environment and for me, that idea brings about a much less stressful dynamic in my daily life. You can kinda break free of the boundaries and social aspects that somewhat emulates a "rat race" mentality in a physical office that really doesn't exist in a remote setting. Home-based work can seriously reduce the amount hair-pulling situations you encounter while working at a brick and mortar location.

7. Become More Involved in the Community

Very much similar to point #3, when working from home I have the flexibility to shift my schedule and become involved in my local community. My husband and I recently were able to attend a public hearing as well as unite our neighbors to stop the sale of some nearby property, which would have reduced our property value. If we were working at an office, it would have been very difficult for us to attend or much less unite our neighbors. This is just one example of many that I was able to make some difference in our local community only because I have the work-from-home-flexibility.

8. Each-One, Teach-One (Teaching or Mentoring Others)

We truly pride ourselves by teaching and helping others to work from home or paving the way for someone like yourself to work from home and enjoy the work-life balance. We honestly have the unique opportunity to teach or mentor people on how they can earn an income, set your own schedule and enjoy all the other benefits that come along with living and working a remote lifestyle.

9. More Productive

As an avid researcher of the home-based work lifestyle, I’ve come across study after study and blog post after blog post about why remote workers tend to be more productive than office workers. It’s difficult to pinpoint but based on my own lifestyle, I have a strong feeling it comes down to responsibility and self-motivation. When working in a large office, it’s really difficult to own your experience and consider the work you’re doing as important and valuable, thus you’ll be less productive. It’s very easy to get caught up in relating the office space to the life-source of the organization but in reality, the organization’s true life-source is it's people. It’s much easier to get a strong center of gravity on the people in a remote setting where the only thing you have is each other and no office spaces to distract you from the overall goal.

Let's be VIRTUALLY FREE and work from home!

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