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If you are a CSP under another IB (Independent Business or Call Center Company), you must first request to be released from under your current IB. If you have questions or you are uncertain of the next steps, please call us at 877-644-8787 press option # 2. (Note: Your current IB is NOT required to release you as releasing you from their team is solely under their discretion.)


Once released by your current IB, and you are ready to join S & E Group, log into the Arise portal, and follow the below steps:


  • Select "Join a Call Center Company Affiliated Corporation" 


  • Enter our IB ID: 49188 or FEIN: 454320737 and click on the magnifying glass, and S & E Group, LLC will populate. (Note: If you are interested in joining S & E Group Dothan, LLC then you will need to enter IB ID: 88337 or FEIN: 821325174)


  • S & E Group will receive your request to join our AWESOME team! Once the request is received, S & E Group will accept your request. 


  • You will then be prompted to sign the Arise Waiver and NDA Agreements. You must scroll to the bottom of the document and the "Sign" button will change in color from gray to blue, click on "Sign" and then "Confirm". You must complete this process with both the Arise Waiver and the NDA agreements. Click on "Next" at the bottom of the page to submit the information to S & E Group, LLC


Note: Since you are transferring from another IB, we will not see your contact information with the exception of your e-mail address so you must contact us at 877-644-8787 option # 2 to setup an appointment to complete your S & E Group Orientation.


(Note: If you have any issues completing ANY of the above steps, please give S & E Group a call at 877-644-8787 press option # 2 as we will take you step by step through this process.)


**Please note that you are unable to switch IB's during the blackout period which is the 1st-6th and the 16th-21st of the month**

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