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Quoted directly from our dedicated Client Support Professionals. We thank you for your hard work!


Charlotte, NC

"I relocated back to the United States after living in Europe for some years, and I was actively searching for employment. I did a few contract jobs through several staffing agencies. Although, I was very grateful to have gotten jobs through these agencies, I found myself being very dissatisfied with the work environment for several reasons.  Some of the places that I was sent were too far, crazy work hours, unprofessional colleagues, and I often dealt with managers that micro-manage. 


I submitted my application online, and I was shortly contacted by a rep from S&E Group. She clearly explained the Work-From-Home concept to me without any gimmick.  I enjoy the freedom of choosing the hours that work best for me. I enjoy having the discretion to work either full time or part time depending on what I have to do from week to week. 

I am a full time mother and a full time wife, and working from home has given me the leisure to tend to my family 1st, schedule myself for spa or work-out sessions, and still select hours when I am available to work."


Charlotte, NC

"Hi, my name is Dana Brown. I live in Charlotte, NC. I'm 28 years old with two kids, and I'm also a single mom. At the beginning of the year God sent me my blessings, and it was Mr. Edward and his lovely wife Mrs. Schunda. They had a great job opportunity, and they explained it to me. I was at first discouraged, because it did sound too good to be true. After thinking about what this wonderful couple had explained to me about working from home I started to research the website. I realized working from home is a real awesome opportunity so I filled out the application, and on to the road of success I went. I have been with this company since January and I love it! I now service two clients a Roadside Assistance and Cruise Line Company, and it's amazing! I no longer stress about daycare, gas, a boss, clocking on and off on time, dress codes, needing days off when you have things to do, or if a situation comes up. You schedule your own work schedule and days off. I'm at the most happiest time in my life thanks to my blessings in the form of two dedicated, honest, understanding, awesome people! I thank these guys for everything they have done for helping me on the right path to unlimited money. It's there if you take advantage of it. This is my testimony, and god is nowhere near even done. He gave me the seed, which was my IBO. Now it's time to plant the seed, and watch it GROW$$$$$$!!!"


San Diego, CA

"Tired of working a boring 9-5 with employers and co-workers that care about only pushing you to work hours that constantly annoy, tire, and stress you out? Well, I work for S&E Group and I enjoy working for them because they are extremely welcoming, loving and nevertheless professional, but yet over the top fun. They manage to work around your schedule, and are always willing to go above and beyond to reach out their helping hands in any and every way needed. S&E Group makes the job feel as though you are getting paid to enjoy yourself in a fun, and over all positive environment while also making it career friendly. Their goal is to make sure you are still able to pursue your everyday life, without the worry of meeting hours that you are assigned, which can be extremely difficult when life takes a leap at you. When working with S&E Group it takes a weight off of your shoulders due to their willingness to work with you around your schedule as well as applying you with the luxury of working from home. How many effective and successful businesses can you say, you've worked that has such great benefits such as this one? This is the all-time best job I have ever committed to, and I truly believe this will by far be the best I will ever find to invest in. So do yourself a favor, stop stressing over location, time, inconvenience, and gas; join S&E Group today, and get ready for your lifetime change of experiences that will satisfy your greatest desire of working possibilities."


Fresno, TX

"I am new to the work at home experience and I am loving it. I started with S&E Group in March of 2014 and they have been a very big help with this experience. When I went through my first training they were always checking on me to make sure I was not stressing. I didn't understand at first but towards the end of the training I knew exactly why. I'm glad I chose them as my IBO because I have heard many stories about the trouble others have had with the companies they work for. If you are looking for an opportunity to work, I suggest you consider S&E Group."


Charlotte, NC

"I am glad I have joined the S & E Group Family, I think this is a great stay at home job opportunity. This is the first stay at home job that is real that I have ran across, thank you Jesus. It is hard work, but not so hard you cannot make it. S & E Group has been a wonderful coach, and keep up the good work, for working so hard. I will try to bring as many people as I can to your S & E Group Family, to build your company and to win the contest money for this month."


Clarksville, TN

"Since being with S & E Group LLC, my experience with them has been great.  They stay in contact with you at all times, no matter what time it is. They treat people with the upmost respect. They are always there when you need them. The last IBO I was with made it seem as if I was bothering them. She was so rude, and her team was even worse. They never responded to you. When you contact them, they made it seem like they didn't care at all. With S & E Group they make you feel like you are a part of team, even more like a family. I can testify that S & E Group is a wonderful team to be a part of."

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