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Why is working from home so AWESOME?

We all know that there are benefits to working from home. DUH! Read the front page of our website LOL! Seriously though, we would love that everyone enjoyed the benefits of working from home, but it is important that you ensure that it is right for you. Maybe you can read this list to compile some intriguing reasons or provide your reasons why working from is AWESOME to you. Well here are mine;

1. Setting Your Own Schedule

When I was much younger I never thought it would be possible to work from home and set my own schedule. So as many of us, I set out into the workforce to find a job outside the home. It became apparent to me that I was missing key moments with my daughter since I was a single mom. I would commute to work all the while missing those precious moments. Now working from home my only commute to worry about is the small walk from my bed to the computer desk, and I consider that to be AWESOME.

2. No Need to Consider "What am I Wearing Today?"

I usually wake up around 7:30 AM each morning, shower and then make a pit stop for some yummy morning coffee. I then proceed to the closet area to change into my work clothes, which is usually going to be some sweatpants and a T-shirt. No more looking for something to wear while standing in a mountain of clothes.

3. More Time With Your Family/Friends

I am huge on sharing experiences with family and friends as you can never get these moments back, if you miss them. It is always AWESOME to have the ability to adjust my schedule and allocate time when a special occasion arises. This is a HUGE benefit with working from home or remote work.

4. Travel

Well, this is one of my favorite subjects-if you know me then you know I LOVE to travel when I get the chance. As you know working in a brick and mortar location that usually this is very difficult, especially if this opportunity does not match your work schedule. Working remotely affords me the opportunity to move my office anywhere as long as I have a strong internet connection and access to a phone line. Portable home phone lines are available.

5. Just Being At Home

The most basic reason-being in the comfort of your own home. Working from home is a beautiful thing. Since you are working in a very familiar place then you can focus on being creative and productive. However, you must be careful not to get distracted by the comfort of your bed or others within your home. That would be that same family, friends or pets that sometimes forget that you are working. be continued

Let's be VIRTUALLY FREE and work from home!

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