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Join S & E Group, the Ultimate Work From Home Solution. 

S & E Group is the ultimate experience in working from home. We are an Arise IBO / Service Partner. We are a legitimate, nationwide virtual staffing solutions company that specializes in quality customer service for Fortune 150 and Fortune 500 companies. Providing you the opportunity of creating a flexible schedule, savings, reduction in commuting and gas expenses, which allows you to spend more time with your loved ones.


Our focus is to bring families together by providing a balance between work and home. Instead of leaving home and your family behind to go to the office, we bring the office home to you. This opportunity affords you with ALL the comforts of home while obtaining the benefits of financial security. 


Our Certified Client Support Professionals or Agents are afforded the ability to work in their own home within a virtual workspace, with top-level certification, directly provided by our Fortune 500 clients via Arise Virtual Solutions' instructors. We work with students, Military, veterans, stay-at-home moms/dads, and those who want to be a part of a growing virtual trend. Moreover, companies are cutting costs and overhead so why not be a part of the home-based or work from home movement so you can dictate your own future.  


S & E Group offers our Certified Client Support Professionals work from home opportunities for;


  • Customer Service via Phone and Chat

  • Sales via Phone and Chat 

  • Technical Support 


We provide customer service and technical support for some of the largest companies within the following industries; 


  • Cable communications

  • Roadside Assistance  

  • Cruise Line

  • Retail

  • Medical 

  • Energy

  • Timeshare 


Arise Virtual Solutions (Arise) offers an amazing opportunity to partner with S & E Group, and provide the best and top performing Client Support Professionals! Arise is a company that provides our clients (wide variety of corporations in the U.S., Canada, UK, and Ireland) with "round-the-clock" customer service, sales or technical support through a network of independent incorporated business partners supplying in the aggregate over 50,000 certified Client Support Professionals (CSPs).


Our diverse team of Certified Client Support Professionals or Agents has chosen S & E Group LLC as their partner because we are devoted to providing the highest level of customer support with the ultimate level of integrity. S & E Group prides itself by providing the revenue rates to our Certified Client Support Professionals, equivalent to the Arise Virtual Solutions revenue rates. S & E Group is also devoted to transitioning CSP's into Arise Independent Business Owner's (IBO's) by providing our assistance and knowledge of the Arise work from home business model. Our core values are predicated by the sole purpose of ensuring the success of our Client Support Professionals.

Join S & E Group, the Ultimate Work From Home Solution.  


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