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Why should I join S & E Group? 

Ask yourself......Doesn't it make sense to learn a business from a business that is already successful within that business? This is kind of a "NO BRAINER" when you think of it that way...Right?

If you want to fully understand the Arise business model before creating your own business and/or becoming an individual sole proprietor then it is important to join S & E Group as an Agent of our Existing Virtual Call Center. Join the team that will always have your best interest at heart in every situation. We will provide you with all of the necessary information to become successful working within the Arise Network. We will provide you with honest answers to your questions, and you will be treated with the highest level of integrity and professionalism. 

Where is S & E Group located?

S & E Group has several offices within the US. We are currently growing our business to better serve you. We are located in Charlotte, NC (Corporate Office), Dothan, AL, Orange Park, FL and Wichita, KS with Coral Spring, FL, McAllen, TX, and New Orleans, LA coming soon. 

What is a Client Support Professional?

This is just another term for Agent, Customer Service Agent, Call Center Agent, or Customer Service Representative.

How many hours can I work per week?
You are able to work as many hours as you like. Usually, clients require a minimum of 15 hours per week, including the minimum required weekend hours (if applicable) per your selected client. This requirement will vary based upon the need of the client selected, and every client does not require you to work on the weekend. 


Am I required to work for a specific client?

S & E Group will provide you with information after completing the registration process. You are in full control of your work schedule as well as S & E Group will assist you with selecting the best client that suits your needs. For more information complete the S & E Group Profile Information Form now.


Can I work for more than one client?

Yes, you can work for more than one client, but you will be required to meet the minimum service hours and performance metrics established by your selected clients.


How much can I make per hour?
You can make between $10.00 to $19.00 per hour plus bonuses and incentives, depending upon the client and your performance. Some Client Support Professionals (CSP's) or Call Center Agents may decide to service more than one client to further maximize their earning potential. This is a personal decision, but it is possible as long as the CSP or Call Center Agent is able to meet the goals/expectations (metrics) provided by the client(s). S & E Group is here to help you make an informed decision on which client will provide you with exactly what you are seeking. If you are interested in knowing the specific pay rate for each client then you will need to complete the S & E Group Profile Information Form.


What kind of work will I have to perform?
We are offering opportunities for customer service, sales, technical support, and chat support. The type of work is Call Center work so it is basically data entry and communicating with the customer over the phone or via chat. There are NO COLD CALLS, NO DEBT CALLS, and NO TELEMARKETING of any kind.


What industries will I provide customer service and technical support?

S & E Group provides customer service and technical support for some of the largest companies within the cable communications, roadside assistance, cruise line, retail, medical, energy, and timeshare industries. 


Once I start working, will I have a point of contact or support available?

S & E Group is always the first point of contact for our CSP's throughout the complete process, including after you start working. You will also have technical support, and other areas of support from our partner, Arise Virtual Solutions.


Will I be an employee or an independent contractor?
Please be advised that you will be working with S & E Group as a 1099 Independent Contractor, NOT an Employee. For this reason, please consult a tax professional to ensure an understanding of your obligations as a self-employed individual.


Can I work anywhere in the US?

No, S & E Group does not currently support California, Colorado, Connecticut, District of Columbia, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Washington, and Wisconsin at this time.

When can I start working?
Once you complete your client certification and all required assessments, you can begin working immediately.

How soon can I start earning an income?

This really depends upon you and how quickly you select a client program. It will depend upon the length of the certification. Most certification courses are between 2 to 6 weeks in length.

What will I need for client certification?
You will need a VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) headset (USB for certification), computer, and internet. Certification is conducted within a live virtual setting. Your selected client will provide all of the necessary materials. Client certifications are usually 2 to 4 hours per day unpaid. You are able to select from several certification schedules. Client certification classes are held from Monday through Friday only. You cannot miss any days of client certification.


What other equipment will I need to service the client?

You will need a headset with a dial pad (Hard-wired for servicing the client), a desktop or laptop computer, and a landline phone. 


Where can I purchase the necessary equipment to work from home with S & E Group?

You can visit the S & E Group Online Store by clicking "SHOP!" for all of your work-from-home equipment needs.


Does S & E Group or Arise offer any special programs?

Yes, S & E Group along with Arise Virtual Solutions offers special programs for military, military spouses, veterans, veteran spouses, and active members of the US Armed Forces to receive special discounts on the Client Certification. Click "JOIN NOW" and complete the S & E Group Profile Information Form for more details.


How long do I have to complete the Arise Registration Process? 

You have a total of 3 days to complete the registration process in 4 easy steps, including; Submit General Information, Sign the Non-Disclosure Agreements, Submit Call Center Information, and Selecting A Servicing Opportunity. The Arise Registration Process is a very simple process, so you must be committed, dedicated, and ready to start working. (Note: The background check process will be completed after you select a client, but before you are able to fully enroll in the client program.)


What is the process if I am a CSP, and I want to create my own IBO?

S & E Group's core values are built on the foundation of ensuring the success of our CSP's. This value or promise includes the CSP that has completed the term of the S & E Group agreement and has an interest in creating their own IBO. S & E Group fully understands that we are not only measured by our success, but also by the success of our team members that decide to create their own businesses. While working with S & E Group you will learn the proper way to work with Arise Virtual Solutions, and we will continue to mentor and assist you in creating your own IBO. Creating your own IBO is something that you can discuss openly with S & E Group, once you join our team, as this is a normal part of our internal process. It is important to discuss creating your own IBO with S & E Group before moving forward so we can share our knowledge and experience of working with Arise Virtual Solutions' work-from-home business model. 

Is S & E Group a temporary staffing agency?
No, we offer full and part-time opportunities all throughout the year.


Does S & E Group offer health insurance?
Currently, we do not offer health insurance to our independent contractors at this time.


Can I work for S & E Group without a Social Security Number?

No, you must have a Social Security Number or a valid Tax ID Number for the background check.

Is there an identity verification process?

Yes, Arise will require you to complete an Affidavit of Identification. This Affidavit must be signed and notarized by a Public Notary. You will also be required to submit your State ID or Driver's License with this Affidavit to prove your identity. You may also be required to complete an identity verification entry process as well.


What are the details concerning the background check?

Arise does not partner with any Client Support Professionals having been convicted, pled guilty, or pled no contest to any felony, or certain misdemeanor charges, including but not limited to theft, fraud, drugs, violence, or other similar violations. The background check will include a "consumer report" and/or an "investigative consumer report" which may include information about your character, general reputation, personal characteristics, and/or mode of living. These reports may contain information regarding your criminal history, social security verification, motor vehicle records ("driving records"), or other background checks. In addition, certain Arise clients require background checks in order to access their systems and interact with their customers. NEW UPDATE: As of 9/1/2022 the background check will cost $30.00.

Will I be required to take a drug screen?

You are not required to take a drug screen as not all Arise client programs require you to take a drug screen. You will have prior knowledge before client selection of which clients include a drug screen.

What is the age requirement to be able to work with S & E Group?

You must be at least 18 years of age. 


Can I move to a different state and still work with S & E Group?
Yes, as long your working environment meets the standard requirements. Again, we do not support California, Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, Oregon, and Wisconsin at this time.


What happens if I create a duplicate profile with Arise? 

Creating duplicate profiles is strictly prohibited so Arise will deactivate duplicate profiles utilizing the same email and/or the same SSN. If you've created an Arise profile before, but you cannot remember the details to access your profile you will have several options to correct this issue. 1) You can access the Arise Portal at and click on "Forgot Username" or "Forgot Password". It will be important to remember the email address from your original profile. 2) You can create a new profile using a different email address only to access "Online Help" in the top right-hand corner of the Registration Page for assistance. If you have any trouble accessing "Online Help" then give S & E Group a call at 877-644-8787 Option # 2 for assistance. 3) If you are not able to correct this issue with the previous steps then you must send an e-mail to, and describe the details of your issue. Upon sending this email you will need to provide information to Arise including your CSP ID number (if you have this information), your full name, address, and your email used to create the original profile. 


Why doesn't the Arise Admissions Department respond to my e-mail?

Some e-mail platforms are not supported by Arise Admissions Department. S & E Group requires that you create a G-mail account. G-mail accounts are supported. (Click Here for instructions on creating a G-mail account.) Yahoo, AOL, and Hotmail e-mail accounts are not supported.

Now that we have answered most or possibly all of your questions, click on the JOIN NOW button below;







S & E Group is the Ultimate Work From Home Solution.

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