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What is the MOST COMMON misconception about working from home?

The most common misconception about working from home is whether you are really working. It seems that many people feel working from home means "easy" and this is very far from the truth. For most work at home moms and dads, they must have a specific level of focus, drive, and self-motivation to punch that clock every morning even though it is not far from the bed in which they started. People tend to relate working at home to easy because the home is where you are most comfortable, but most WAHM will work more since you are so close to your work environment. However, working from home does provide you with a flexible work schedule so you must take the good with the bad or it would not be called "WORK".....right?

Most often feel that work-from-homer's have no accountability, but I can tell you from experience this is definitely not true. The companies that rely on us work-from-homer's are very serious and in some cases more demanding. Work traceability is highly important to companies that utilize work from home agents. You will find that the companies that S & E Group provides independent contracting services to have a very high expectation for the quality of services. This is why it is so important when you are making the decision to start working from home that you are serious about committing yourself to this endeavor.

Others feel that work from home opportunities are not real or professional positions. Hey, we are not saying that there is no work from home scams out there, but you can definitely research the company and determine if the opportunity is a good fit for you before moving forward. You will find that there are many legitimate work from home opportunities available stemming from several different industries. Here at S & E Group, LLC, we welcome each individual to research who we are and what we do so you are most comfortable with your decision to join us on your work from home journey.

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