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S & E Group is Growing!

S & E Group is expanding its operational footprint with new offices opening in several different states. We are wanting to assist other entrepreneurs like yourself to start their own businesses within the Arise Network. Helping others is one of the main goals as well as core values of our business from its inception. We truly invest our time into our S & E Group Team Members. We are looking to the individuals within our team to grow these new branches of S & E Group.

New Office Locations

Dothan, AL

Contact: Sasha Rolon at 888-392-8488 or 334-777-1866


Orange Park, FL

Contact: Gregory Norwood at 888-392-8488 or 904-773-4911


Wichita, KS

Contact: Marck Blanc or Nativita Laurent at 888-392-8488 or 316-448-0777

email: or

Note: When you call the toll-free number 888-392-8488, please select the region or area.

Coming Soon:

S & E Group Coral Springs

Coral Springs, FL

S & E Group New Orleans

New Orleans, LA

S & E Group McAllen

McAllen, TX

These new owners were at one point Call Center Agents or Client Support Professionals providing customer service to clients within the Arise Network working with S & E Group, and now we are assisting and mentoring their businesses to become successful. Currently, we are only awarding this prestigious partnership to individuals on our team that have shown their work ethic as well as an overall willingness to provide a very high level of customer service over time.

We truly appreciate working with all of our S & E Group Team Members. Join S & E Group today, and achieve your goals of becoming a successful Customer Service Agent and potentially a successful business owner. (Arise IBO)

Let's be VIRTUALLY FREE and work from home!

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