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Career Opportunity Posting Disclaimer: 

Due to certain restrictions, we are prohibited from displaying some company names and logos on our public advertisements. As a result we use descriptive terms like "Theme Park" or "Cruise Line" to identify the S & E Group Career Opportunity under the "Industry Information" header. Specific details about each opportunity will be provided upon request and during the S & E Group Orientation. Certain specific career opportunity pay rates will not be provided until you complete the registration process and join our team. All S & E Group Career Opportunity pay rates are paid in US Dollars unless specifically stated otherwise. All S & E Group Career Opportunities are 1099 Independent Contractor work from home opportunities. The above S & E Group Career Opportunities are not an offer of employment as they are opportunities to enter into a business to business relationship our partners and S & E Group, LLC and / or S & E Group Dothan, LLC.

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