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Top 7 skills needed to work at home?

Making the decision to work at home or determining which work from home opportunities best suits yourself starts with a little soul searching. Yes, that is need to determine or ask yourself "Am I really best suited to work from home?" Well, let's see, this should create several questions to be answered so it is best to write them down and start answering them truthfully. One of the biggest questions in my mind....anyway....would be "Do I have the right skills to work at home or to become a successful remote worker?" or "Do I have what it takes to be successful at these work from home opportunities?" Let's dive right into the Top 7 skills needed to become VIRTUALLY FREE working from home.

1. Analytical Thinking

To "cut the mustard" as a remote worker or home-based worker, you need to be able to work independently without the need for directions from your micro-managing boss. Who needs that? As a home-based virtual worker, you won't have the luxury of co-workers sitting next to you, to ask a question or lean on for assistance. However, working from home with S & E Group and Arise you can contact S & E Group, LLC as well as tap into the many resources made available to you through the Arise Network. Yes, working from home with some companies you may feel alone, but with S & E Group, LLC you will always have support and resources to tap into when needed.

2. GREAT Communication Skills

Hey, you ARE going to be working on the phone or chat so communication skills are very important. Seriously, because you'll be performing your work remotely, you'll need to have excellent communication skills, because often you won't have the visual and verbal indicators that help guide a face to face conversation. We all know that there are smartphone apps and programs like face-time which make it easy for all of us to stay in contact, but the majority of your communication will happen through email when working from home. It will be very important when working remotely that you can convey your thoughts or responses clearly and concisely in writing.

3. Self-Motivated or Self-Starter

You MUST be a Self-Starter as a home-based worker. One of the huge benefits of working at home is having the freedom to set your own work schedule. However, if you are not Self-Motivated you may veer off the path by staying in the bed more often than you should and not completing the required work. With S & E Group work from home customer service opportunities, you will be an independent contractor. The keyword being "independent" so you must be able to work independently. S & E Group will be there to support you, but we also want to respect your independence as well.

4. Staying Clear of Distractions

This is actually one of the hardest things to do when working from home. This is the work-life balance that we talk about so often. Taking care of the household, cleaning, sleeping, bed, pets, family members and friends are just a few of the everyday distractions you'll encounter working at home. We call them "distractions", but we love them dearly don't we?....You must take the time to plan ahead so you can take care of the day to day items while still giving yourself ample time to complete your work. Creating a separate office space (if possible) will help to reduce some of the distractions, but this will strictly depend upon you at the end of the day.

5. Being a Little Bit of a Loner

Yes, you have the flexibility to work when you want, but you must be somewhat of a loner to work at home. Social isolation is somewhat required to work from home so if you are a social butterfly then working from home may not be the best fit for you. However, consider that you will be a remote customer service agent working with S & E Group and Arise Virtual Solutions, and maybe the interaction with the customer will give the butterfly that much needed social fix. Also, you can plan ahead to ensure that you get out socially at specific times to satisfy that butterfly with a social flower from time to time. It will be important to make yourself leave the house so you do not totally lose your mind. LOL!!

6. Staying Organized

Organization and planning will become very important skills needed to work from home. You will need to keep track of your work and writing things down usually is a huge help in this area. Some of us will find ourselves totally submerged in the work and then forget about the "life" part. Remember you now have the ability to "balance" the work and your life so make sure that you take full advantage of that privilege. Hey, Be Your Own Boss, by giving yourself a vacation and enjoy being VIRTUALLY FREE.

7. Computer Geek or "Urkel-Like"

"Did I do thaaat?" Yes, I did....LOL...Since you will be spending most of your time working on the computer, you will need to become a computer geek of sorts. Remote jobs require a certain basic level of understanding of software programs, performing updates and keeping your computer system running without significant downtime. Do keep in mind that downtime will mean you cannot work which in turn could hurt your pocket-book severely. Again, you can plan ahead for these types of situations. If you take working at home serious then you can use additional funds for a backup system to have available as an insurance policy. Possibly, use the tax return to solidify your income with a backup computer system.....just a suggestion.

When making a decision to work at home you must search your soul to determine whether working from home is right for you.

Let's be VIRTUALLY FREE and work from home!

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